Bioheat® Fuel 101

Many states in the Northeast are using Bioheat® fuel to help reduce carbon emissions while maintaining comfort and convenience for their customers. Find out what Bioheat® is, how it’s made, and how it is helping to advance the job market in the Northeast and across the United States.

Bioheat® Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bioheat?
    Bioheat is a blend of renewable biodiesel and heating oil. Biodiesel used to make Bioheat is made from renewable resources, like recycled vegetable oils and agricultural byproducts from soybean plants.
  • Where is Bioheat made?
    Bioheat is typically blended locally and is sourced from local biodiesel plants.
  • Why is Bioheat better for the planet?
    Bioheat produces significantly fewer pollutants and emissions than other fuel options. Also because biodiesel is made from resources, like vegetable oils, that would otherwise be waste, Bioheat is a very sustainable heating option.
  • Does Bioheat work in oil heating systems?
    Yes, Bioheat home heating oil does not require any equipment alterations. Customers that already use heating oil can switch to Bioheat without any additional equipment costs. In many states, a majority of oil dealers and oil customers have already switched to Bioheat.
  • Which jobs are available in the Bioheat industry?
    The Bioheat industry is on the rise, and there are a lot of job opportunities. Some of the career options that you could pursue in the Bioheat fuel oil industry are:
    • Heating Installer
    • Burner Installer
    • Account Executive
    • Heating Service Technician
    • Bioheat Delivery Driver
    • Burner Technician
    • Pipefitter
    • Field Sales Representative
    • Customer Service Representative
    • …And More!

Interested in learning more about Bioheat and viable careers in the energy industry? Visit our website to see if Generation NEXT Energy Pros is available in your state!