Top 5 Reasons to Become an Oil Delivery Driver

During the winter months, many homes and businesses in the Northeast rely on heating oil to stay safe and warm through snow, wind, and below-freezing temperatures. Heating oil delivery drivers are a significant part of the communities that they serve. Have you thought about a career as a fuel oil delivery driver? Delivery drivers get to work outside of an office, keep regular hours in order to spend time with friends and family, and contribute to their communities.

Why You Should Think about an Oil Delivery Driver Job

  1. Work a Regular Schedule
    When you think of a delivery driving position, you probably think about long-haul trips on the road. Not for oil delivery drivers! Oil delivery drivers make local deliveries in their regional area. Oil delivery drivers work regular driving routes close to home, not long-distance transport trips.
  2. Earn Competitive Pay
    Fuel oil delivery drivers are in high demand across the Northeast. Heating oil providers pay their drivers good wages and offer added benefits like insurance and vacation time.
  3. Start a Lasting Career
    Becoming an oil delivery driver is just the first step on a lasting career path. Fuel oil delivery drivers that work for local heating oil providers have the opportunity to grow, with the potential for significant pay raises and upward mobility for future promotions.
  4. Keep Your Community Warm
    Delivering home heating oil is all about helping your community and making a difference. This is essential during cold Northeast winters. Most heating oil customers see their delivery driver as a welcome familiar face, as a hero delivering the fuel they need to stay safe and warm.
  5. Enjoy a Work-Life Balance
    For the most part, fuel oil delivery drivers work regular business hours. Scheduled hours might shift depending on the heating oil company that you work for, but this means as a heating oil delivery driver that you can be home for dinner with your family each night.

Consider a Career in the Oil Industry

Do you like the idea of a job that provides valuable compensation, steady hours, and the opportunity to work away from a desk each day? Becoming a heating oil delivery driver might be the right move for you! Check out Generation NEXT Energy Pros to find out how you can start connecting with heating oil employers in your area. We are also happy to be a resource for other career opportunities in the oil and HVAC industries. Click here to read more blog posts about industry jobs and news.