5 Tips for Virtual Job Interviews

The global Coronavirus pandemic has caused many aspects of “normal” life to transition to the Internet. Along with taking classes, buying groceries, and connecting with loved ones, job interviews are now happening online. If you are graduating this year and starting the job hunt or looking for a summer internship, you will probably be meeting potential employers through phone or virtual interviews.

Interviews are nerve-racking no matter what and adding another unfamiliar element doesn’t make them easier. Use this list of tips to prep for your next HVAC job or internship interview.

Get Ready to Ace Your Online or Phone Interview

  1. Technology
    Test out the technology you will be using in advance. Do a trial with a friend or family member on the program (Zoom, WebX, Skype, etc.) and double check settings for your computer’s camera and microphone access. If you’re doing a phone interview, charge your cell phone and make sure you are in a location with good cell service or a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Space
    If you are doing a video conference interview, remember that your interviewer will be able to see you and your surroundings. Pick a space in your home that is well-lit, quiet, private, and clean.
  3. Attire
    Dress for success! It is still important to wear appropriate interview attire for video or phone interviews. Pick something professional and comfortable that you have worn before, so you feel confident and at ease. If you are doing a phone interview, it is still a good idea to use this tip. Wearing interview clothes will put you in the mindset to perform your best.
  4. Questions
    Come to your interview with questions about the position and the company. You might come up with some more as the interview goes on but having a few prepared in advance will be very helpful. Asking thoughtful questions at the end of an interview is a great way to make an impression.
  5. Practice
    Interviews, whether they are in-person, online, or by phone, make most of us nervous. Ease your jitters by practicing. Ask a roommate, friend, or family member to practice with you. Go through the essentials, like your qualifications, your experience, and why you are interested in the position.

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