Reasons to Consider an Oil & HVAC Career in 2020

This year has already been unforgettable, to say the least. The COVID-19 global pandemic has seriously shifted the United States’ economy and job outlook. Whether you are graduating from technical school this year or are just starting your training, it probably feels like a crazy time to even think about making big life decisions. The good news is, choosing a career in the oil and HVAC industries can be an easy one to make. Now more than ever, these industry jobs are proving their worth in job security, income stability, and growth opportunity that other industries cannot.

Why Work in the Oil & HVAC Industry?

Here’s how jobs in the oil and HVAC industry stand out from other career paths for trade school graduates:

  • Essential Services
    Oil and HVAC companies provide essential services. These energy providers remained open during state quarantines and shelter-in-place restrictions because keeping homes safe and warm is always essential. When other industries had to temporarily shut down and either furlough or let go of their employees, energy companies kept their fuel delivery drivers, service technicians, and office personnel on the job to serve customers with adjusted safety measures.
  • Lasting History
    If you’ve started to browse potential oil and HVAC employers in your state, you’ll see that many of them have something in common: they’ve been around for generations. These local energy providers have lasted through recessions, wars, social change, and much more.
  • Growth & Change
    How have these companies been able to maintain their longevity? Local oil and HVAC providers can survive and grow because of their ability to innovate and adapt. Our industry is always evolving in order to support customer needs and respond to changing policies. Examples include the introduction of renewable Bioheat® fuel and new high-efficiency heating and cooling technologies.
  • Future Possibilities
    Joining the oil and HVAC industry doesn’t mean staying put in an entry-level position. Oil and HVAC employees have the chance to grow and develop their careers. There are many different jobs in the industry with many different opportunities for growth. Careers include delivery driver, service technician, customer service representative, service manager, office manager, and even business owner.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step for your career. Visit Generation NEXT Energy Pros to see if we have a program in your state. You can upload your resume and start connecting with potential employers in your area.