Find an Energy Career That Suits You

At Generation NEXT Energy Pros, we understand how important it is to find a career in an innovative industry that’s making a difference in the world. With all the advancements that the Bioheat® fuel and energy industry is making towards becoming more eco-friendly, affordable, and widely available across the globe, the diverse job positions created by the industry are skyrocketing in demand. Now, with your individual skillset, expertise, and preferred work environment in mind, you can find an energy career suited to you. Keep reading to learn about all the different types of positions available in the energy and fuels industry and discover which would be an excellent fit for you.

Top Perks of Working in the HVAC & Fuels Industry

Working in the energy industry offers employees a whole host of unique benefits and opportunities. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a technician, delivery driver, service manager, or customer service representative, you will be met with excellent pay, great benefits, job security, and plenty of opportunities for advancement throughout your career. Since HVAC & fuels companies are often small, locally or family-owned businesses, they like to go above and beyond keeping their staff and support happy and satisfied. When working for an energy company in your area, you can expect:

  • Lasting job security in a recession-proof, pandemic-proof industry
  • Reliable, family-friendly working hours
  • Competitive pay
  • Great benefits packages
  • Earning potential & career advancement opportunities

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Different Careers in The Energy Industry:

Option #1: Apprenticeship and Internship

Whether you’re just starting your career or thinking about a career change, interns and apprentices get the chance to join a team that will guide them to success, empowering them to learn and grow in the innovative energy industry. You can start here and begin to plan out your next career move and set attainable goals for your future by finding energy apprenticeships and internships at a local business near you!

Option #2: Delivery Driver

If you consider yourself prompt and efficient, this position is for you! If working on-the-go appeals to you, becoming a fuel delivery driver is a great opportunity to work outside of the office and take on a valuable role in your community. You’ll work with a variety of customers, delivering heating oil and Bioheat® fuel to homeowners and businesses in your area. This position comes with competitive pay and a work schedule that promotes a positive work-life balance. HVAC and fuel companies work especially hard to schedule their drivers on predictable routes and dispatch deliveries at the perfect time for their customers to receive their fuel.

Option #3: HVAC Service Technician

As a service technician, you’ll be performing hands-on work on HVAC equipment for homes and businesses, and when problems arise for clients, you’ll be the one restoring the heat or hot water. HVAC service technicians are detail-oriented, love working out in the field, enjoy problem solving, and make an incredible difference in their communities.

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Option #4: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

As a CSR in the energy industry, you’ll be an expert troubleshooter and leave customers feeling positive about the entire experience. In this role, you will likely be the first-person new customers will encounter with their questions about service plans, deliveries, scheduling maintenance, and more! CSRs are skilled at teaching the customers what the company is all about, listening to their needs, and recommending products and services that will greatly improve their home comfort and convenience.

Option #5: Fuel Transport Driver

Interested in travelling for work? If so, working as a transport driver offers you this wonderful opportunity! In this position, you’ll be delivering fuel to providers across the regional area. If your preferred work style is outside of the office, on the move, and focusing on one big task at a time, transport driving offers you the ability to thrive in an environment that best suits you.

Option #6: Service Management

The energy industry is always in need of great leaders. As a service manager, you’ll oversee a wide variety of employees that make energy businesses run. Here’s the best part, you may be able to easily step up from nearly any other energy career into management if you choose to go after this next step! Service managers are detail-oriented, great problem solvers, and always looking out for their customers, employees, and the company with their keen knowledge about the industry and their company’s processes.

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Option #7: Salesperson

Help business owners grow their company and build new clientele as a salesperson in the energy industry. In this career, you’ll prospect, develop, and nurture relationships with potential clients and customers while actively seeking new opportunities for residential, agricultural, and commercial growth. Sales employees in the HVAC and fuels industry are excellent at creating effective strategies, they are big thinkers, clear communicators, and love driving their company towards greater success.

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