Holiday Heroes: Local Fuel & HVAC Employees Meet the Season’s Energy Needs

Have you ever wondered who is keeping our communities running during the holiday and winter festivities? This winter, while some may be staying in from the cold, our local HVAC service technicians and fuel delivery drivers are providing energy to us . If you’re looking for a reliable, exciting career in the energy industry, keep reading to view the top reasons to take on one of the highest-paid technicians positions that truly makes a difference in our communities—especially during the most wonderful time of the year.

Make a Difference in Your Community

As the cold weather rages on, our New England heating systems are working overtime to heat our homes and keep our families safe, warm, and comfortable. Due to this, some customers’ heating systems give way to the cold and experience heating malfunctions and breakdowns leading to a no-heat emergency. As an oil-heat HVAC service technician, homeowners see you as the hero who comes to fix their broken heating system and restore their home comfort. Many people remember for years the difference theHVAC technician made during a stressful time of year. Even though not every service call is an emergency, the same message rings true; HVAC technicians have a lasting and incredible impact on their community through their day-to-day work.

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Benefits of Working in the New England Energy Industry

Because HVAC technicians and fuel delivery drivers in our communities make such a large impact, it’s an industry standard that companies take care of these holiday heroes with excellent benefits and exceptional company culture. Here are a few of the top reasons that becoming a local fuel or HVAC employee might be right for you.

Work-Life Balance

Forget working graveyard shifts and missing out on the most important parts of family life. With a career in the energy industry, you’ll always be home for dinner. The same goes for our local fuel delivery drivers. You can count on reliable 8 a.m. to –5 p.m. schedules that keep you in the local area .

Excellent Work Environment

Small energy companies are often run by families or multiple generations of families local to your area. These small business owners are passionate about the work they do and the staff they support.

Not only does this mean your employer will know your name, but they will care about you and your satisfaction with your job. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work in the community with local neighbors and friends. Your job will make you an asset to any town.

Competitive Pay

Make a competitive salaried wage in the energy industry by doing work that actually matters. Fuel delivery drivers earn competitive wages, allowing them to grow as they earn. Forget entry-level low-paying gigs that make you scrape by. As a heating oil delivery driver, you’ll earn enough pay to keep you and your family comfortable, plus get the benefits you deserve.

Staying Local

The title “fuel delivery driver” can sometimes conjure images of long-haul truckers who spend most of their days on the road, but this couldn’t be farther from the reality for local HVAC servicemen and heating oil delivery drivers. In these positions, you’ll have the benefit of staying locally and in your own neighborhood. You won’t need to worry about long hauls or driving late into the night.

Valuable Benefits

Next to competitive pay, take advantage of valuable benefits like health, dental, and paid time off offered through most of the HVAC employers and fuel providers in your local area.

Room to Grow

The energy and HVAC industry offers career advancement beyond entry-level jobs. No matter which route you take in the industry, there is room to grow.

From service technicians to drivers, each individual has the opportunity to advance his or her career upward!

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How to Get Started

We at Generation NEXT Energy Pros commit ourselves to fuel the workforce in the heating fuel industry. Become a delivery driver in the heating-oil industry for a rewarding career with competitive pay, valuable benefits, and a work schedule promoting a healthy work-life balance.

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