HVAC Technician Named One of the Best High-Paying Trade Jobs

Thinking about starting your career in the trades? The oil and HVAC industry is looking for candidates like you! If you’ve read our blog, you’ve already learned a little about how the oil and HVAC industry offers opportunities for growth, diverse positions, and valuable benefits. Competitive pay is another reason why it is a good idea to pursue a career in the oil and HVAC services.

In a recent article, Indeed.com named HVAC service technician #2 on their list of 12 high-paying trade careers. Read on to see what these career experts have to say about the financial prospects of becoming an oil and HVAC service technician.

12 High-Paying Trade Careers, from Indeed.com

“A trade job can be a great option if you enjoy challenging, hands-on work. Jobs in this field require vocational schooling or training and often pay well for the specialized skill set they require. Whether you are in the process of applying to trade schools or researching trade jobs in your area, learning about the wide variety of high-paying trade careers available can help you choose a career that best suits your interests. In this article, we’ll look at some of the highest-paying trade jobs and the special skills needed for each position.

Highest-paying trade careers

Here are some of the top-paying trade jobs on the market listed from lowest to highest salary…

2. HVAC technician

National average salary: $23.20 per hour

Primary duties: HVAC technicians install, repair, and maintain heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. Technicians can perform all of these services or specialize in a type of service (e.g., installation) and type of system (e.g., heating and air conditioning). HVAC technicians can perform repairs on larger industrial units and smaller residential units.

HVAC technicians can make a positive impact on the environment by installing equipment that saves both energy and their clients’ money. Their services improve the air quality and thermal comfort of their clients’ homes.

An HVAC technician’s duties include:

  • Changing old filters
  • Installing heat pumps that reduce carbon emissions
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Performing routine maintenance”

Read the full article from Indeed.com here.

Make Money as an Oil Heat and HVAC Service Technician

Becoming a service technician in the oil and HVAC industry is a viable career path with serious earning potential. Local oil companies that offer HVAC services are able to offer their employees valuable benefits, desirable working hours, and opportunities to grow and develop their skills. When you work for a full-service oil and HVAC company, you have the opportunity to work on all types of HVAC systems, not just oil boilers. HVAC service technicians are in high demand and can use their skills to further their careers toward upper management and even ownership.

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