Why More Young People Are Going to Trade School & Pursuing Energy Careers

Are you thinking about taking the next step in your education, but you aren’t sure where to start? Many people nowadays are choosing trade school, HVAC school, or CDL school over a traditional 4-year college degree for a variety of reasons. For example, jobs in the energy industry offer competitive wages, valuable benefits packages, strong earning potential, and the opportunity to grow a lasting career with upward mobility. All these great benefits are available with an education from a trade school, which takes significantly less time and money than a traditional 4-year college degree. Let’s take a closer look at the value of choosing a trade school education and why many individuals are pursuing energy careers after they graduate!

Top Reasons Young People are Choosing Trade School over Traditional College

Graduating with Less Debt

Did you know that regardless of the field of study, the average cost of obtaining a degree from a trade school is $33,000, while a 4-year degree from a traditional college has an average cost of $132,0001? That’s almost a $100,000 difference in cost! Plus, students who attend trade school graduate with an average of $10,000 in debt, whereas students who attend college retain an average debt of $36,327 after interest2.

It Takes Less Time

Unlike the 4-year commitment that traditional college degrees require, trade schools allow students to finish their study courses within one to two years. The length of the program can vary, but ultimately, students are free to enter the labor market as soon as they’re done. All the practice and experience they need are integrated into the course itself, making the transition from a trade school to a job in the fuels and HVAC industry a smooth one.

Greater Job Security

It’s no secret that there is currently a shortage of skilled laborers in the United States; this means that if you are still making up your mind about a career path, choosing to attend trade school and get into the energy industry is a smart move3. You’ll be an in-demand employee, regardless of whether you choose to pursue a job as a service technician, delivery driver, customer service representative, or one of the many other positions available.

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A Variety of InDemand Job Opportunities for Everyone

The fuels and HVAC sector offers many careers to suit your unique interests and the skills acquired in trade school, HVAC school, or CDL school. We invite you to create an applicant profile so that you can connect with local energy providers and learn about available salaries and benefits. The future in the fuels and HVAC industry looks bright, and so is your place in it after trade school!

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